Vi's Visa: A Call for Support

Dear MERCYhouse,

God has provided the members of MERCYhouse with an opportunity to show some practical love to our wonderful full time staff associate, Vi Tran. 

About Vi:

Originally from Vietnam, Vi came to Amherst as a business undergraduate student at UMass. Upon graduation, she joined MERCYhouse as a full-time staff member where she has served faithfully for almost 2 years under a US Work Visa. Vi heads up the prayer ministry, serves on both the worship team and the kids ministry team, ministers to college students and families, and leads a variety of small groups and special projects within our church community. She is an encouragement to all and has been an invaluable asset to achieving the mission of our church.

The Opportunity:

Vi's work visa is set to expire this summer, and she is applying for a religious worker visa (R1) which will allow her to remain in the US, continuing to serve God's Kingdom at MERCYhouse.  As a church, we would love to fundraise the $5,000 legal costs required to cover Vi's R1 Visa application, by April 7, 2019. Vi has already acquired two grants totaling $1,250, leaving us, as her family, to fundraise $3,700.

Would you join us by contributing towards this gift?

How Do I Give?

Donations can be submitted on the "Give" page of our website and also in the church offering basket on Sunday mornings. Please mark your contributions as "Vi's Visa Fund." You may contact any member of the elder team or Lois Grandmaison if you have any questions regarding this special gift. 

Thank you for continuing to support the work of God through His people here in the Valley!

In Christ,

The MERCYhouse Elder Team

The contribution(s) is/are made with the understanding that the MERCYhouse has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.