Why membership?

Membership is the easiest way to get integrated into the life of our church. It's a way for you to find out about the mission and vision of MERCYhouse and what we expect from those who decide to make MERCYhouse home. If you choose to become a member, you will be letting us know that you want to be a part of the MERCYhouse family and want to be held accountable to the expectations of our family (what we call the Five Devotions). Finally it will put you on our radar for someone who desires to be shepherded and cared for in the context of our local church.


15 Reasons Why I should Become A Member of MERCYhouse:


How do I become a member?

There are three ways to become a member of this church:

  1. Baptism: We believe that the first act of obedience of every believer in Jesus is to be baptized. This is required of anyone who wants to become a member of our church. That Baptism, in particular, is one by immersion (completely under the water) of someone who is old enough to understand who Jesus is and by their own free will choose to profess faith in Him. That said, some who come from traditions that baptize infants and don't believe it is necessary to be baptized again by immersion, can choose to become "affiliate" members which means that they are not able to vote in church business meetings on certain topics or hold certain positions of spiritual leadership like leading a small group or joining our elder team.

  2. Statement: If you've already been baptized by immersion in another church of like belief and practice, you can join the church by statement. That means that based on your profession of your Christian faith and your previous baptism, you can join the church as a full member.

  3. Transfer: If you were a member of another Southern Baptist Church (the denomination with which we are affiliated) you can transfer your membership from that church to MERCYhouse.


What is the process for membership?

Every semester we go through a cycle of membership for anyone who is interested in membership:

  1. Come to a Meet MERCYhouse Class which is usually on a Saturday from 10am to 3pm (contact church office to sign up)

  2. Be interviewed by a member of our Elder Team (this usually happens in the Meet MERCYhouse class)

  3. Be baptized if you haven't already been

  4. Be presented in our Sunday worship service as a new member

If you have questions about this or would like to sign-up for the Class, contact Meghan


You can download a PDF of our membership booklet HERE

You can download a PDF of our church constitution HERE

You can fill out an electronic version of our 2019 covenant renewal form HERE