Next Step: MH Connect this Sunday!

Fall 2018 Mh Slides [092318 COMPLETE].jpg

by Robert Krumrey

Next Sunday is the last Sunday in September and we’ve had a great start. We are glad to see so many new faces. 116 people filled out cards over the last 4 weeks indicating they were first time guests. I know for a fact that there were even more of you first timers out there who didn’t fill out a card. As you may have noticed, we’ve been encouraging you to take “next steps” in your relationship with God and at MERCYhouse. One of the most important of these steps is coming up this Sunday, September 30th. We are calling it MH Connect and it will be happening after each of our worship services.

What is MH Connect?

We’ll be presenting a brief overview of our church - what we believe, a little bit about our history, a description of our church mission, and ways you can get involved. When people come to this event, it lets us know that you weren’t just dropping by but that you really are serious about exploring what it means to become a part of our community. You’ll also get to meet some of our staff, a few church members, and some of the other people that are just getting started on their journey at MERCYhouse.

Who can come?

Anyone who is interested. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, anyone who is wanting to explore more deeply what it means to be a part of MH is welcome to come by.

When and Where is it happening?

We’ll be doing this twice on Sunday after each of our services. 11:00am after the first service and 1:00pm after the second service. There will be some light snacks to tide you over if you’re feeling hungry. The gathering will last exactly 1 hour. This will all take place in our cafe which is in the basement of our main church building.

How can I sign up?

We would love to know if you are coming so we can plan to have enough food. You can RSVP by contacting our office at If for some reason you can’t attend but want to let us know that you are serious about exploring further what it means to be a part of MERCYhouse, please contact us so we can answer your questions and let you know when we are doing this again.