Join us for our December Church Summit!


Church Summit

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 - 4:00pm

What's a church summit?  

Twice a year MERCYhouse gathers its members for a meeting that includes celebrating what God has done in the congregation, praying for the church and its mission, and voting on items as mandated by our church constitution.  In general, the December Summit is for voting on leadership and the June Summit is for voting on the financial report and church spending plan.  Church votes include the calling of pastors, confirming of elders & deacons, confirming of officers of the church, and confirming of use of funds through financial reports and budget proposals.  

Here is the official agenda for our winter church summit:

When:  Sunday, December 10th, @ 4:00pm

Where:  Downstairs cafe of main building

What:  See Agenda below

  • Call Meeting to Order - Moderator Patrick Grafton-Cardwell

  • Vote on approval of meeting minutes from June 2017 meeting - Read by Clerk, see complete minutes HERE

  • Vote on confirmation of church officers for 2018

Moderator - Patrick Grafton-Cardwell

Clerk - Maddison Erbabian

Treasurer - Steve Harrington

President - Robert Krumrey

  • Vote on confirmation of elders for 2018

Dan Moylan

Steve Harrington

Chris Blount

Robert Krumrey

  • Vote to Adjourn Business Portion of the Meeting - Moderator 


In addition to voting on the above leaders, we will be recognizing our servant team leaders for 2018.  According to our new constitution, these don't need a congregational vote. 

Sunday Logistics:

New leader: Rick Carbonaro  & Continuing leader: Kimberly Johnson


New Leaders: Vi Tran & Hapshiba  Kwon


New Leaders: Matt Dahl and Mihaela Sousa  


New Leader:  Elias Ghantous & Continuing Leader: Jay Sullivan


New leader: Laura Looman


New Leader:  John Looman & Continuing Leader: Will Tan

Women’s Ministry:

Continuing Leaders: Laura Tan & Melanie Krumrey

MH Kids:

New Leader: Ashleigh Murphy


New Leaders: Maddison Erbabian & Lois Grandmaison


New Leaders: Brandon & Amanda Prickett and Mike & Olivia Fitzpatrick

Snow Shoveling Team: 

New Leaders: Elliot Kuan and Jeff Lancaster