Join us for HOLYWEEK!


March 25th - April 1st

Following Jesus from Death to Life

Next week (March 22 - April 1) is the time when the western church remembers the most important week in history.  This is no joke.  As Christians, we believe that the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is an event of such monumental proportions that all of human history hinges upon it.  We'll be reflecting on the events leading up to and including these moments in time that make up the foundation of our faith.  This very important week starts off with Palm Sunday and ends with the resurrection of Jesus on the very next Sunday (Easter).  

Join us for any or all of the following events this week:

Sunday, March 25 (9:15am and 11:15am) - Palm Sunday in main church building (Acts 9:1-19)

Sunday, March 25 (7:00pm) - Amherst College Service in Johnson Chapel (Mt. 21:12-17)   

Monday, March 26 (7:00pm) - Umass at MERCYhouse main building (Mt. 21:28-32)

Tuesday, March 27 (7:00pm) - Mt. Holyoke College Service in Dwight Hall (Mt. 22:1-15)

Wednesday, March 28 (7:00pm) - Smith College Service in Helen Hills Chapel (Mt. 23:27-29)

Thursday, March 29 (6:00pm) - Passover Seder in main church building

Friday, March 30 (noon) - Crosswalk, meet in main church building and walk through downtown Amherst.  Return to church building by 1pm.  

Friday, March 30 (6:30pm) - Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Sunday, April 1 (9:15am and 11:15am) - Resurrection Sunday!, main church building